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Address plastic packaging with this one simple step.

There are a few decisions I have made in my life. One of them is to avoid using plastic. Long before the 2017 ban on single-use plastics, I had stopped using them. My motto was simple: to do the best I can to reduce my waste count. I must confess that it’s been a challenging

By Purity Wanjohi 4 weeks ago
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Let’s be serious about recycling or forget about it

In the 1990s, as China grew to be one of the biggest manufacturers globally, it began importing plastic waste from countries with the aim of recycling it. With 45 per cent of the plastic waste landing within its borders, it effectively became the global plastic trash can. Many countries found it cheaper to ship their

By Purity Wanjohi 2 months ago
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You, your money and the environment

When I visited France last year, I opted to go to Lyon instead of Paris for two reasons: one, to see my friend, Joy and two to see another part of France that isn’t Paris. This article made the decision easier. As a result, I passed over the opportunity to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral,

By Purity Wanjohi 3 months ago