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Be part of the anti-litter movement

As an anti-litter activist in Kenya, every time I see somebody litter, I have to talk to them about it. The conversation usually starts like this: “Habari yako? Nimeona umetupa peel yako ya ndizi (ama chupa ama yoghurt) after umemalizia. Unaona kama umefanya kitu nzuri? (English: Hello? I’ve seen that you’ve thrown away your banana

By Purity Wanjohi 10 months ago
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Lesson from Rwanda: Should poverty be an excuse to be dirty?

Two weeks ago, I saw a doormat written, “Did you call first?” I found it to be very funny because it reminded me of a behaviour that human beings have pertaining to house visits. There are many reasons why people like to be called in advance before they’re visited. In my experience, I’ve found these

By Purity Wanjohi 11 months ago
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What’s your Littering Behaviour?

Did you know that there’s a difference between litter and waste? If you didn’t, let me enlighten you. Waste is anything you don’t need anymore. The empty plastic bottle that contained the water you just drank, the wrapper that neatly tucked your sweet away from contamination or the food that remained on your plate since

By Purity Wanjohi 1 year ago