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Events Waste Management - Mazingira Safi Initiative

Events are a fun way to bring the community together because they are enjoyable and fun. However, they tend to generate a lot of waste leaving behind a huge ecological footprint. This is not cool!

As an event organizer and sponsor, you have the greatest influence on the extent and success of any waste prevention program. You have the power to go waste-free.

“But how?” You may ask.

The key to a zero waste event is in the planning! And the good thing is that you don’t have to struggle doing it alone. MSI has got you covered!

Through our Event Waste Management (EWM) program, MSI will work with you to plan and develop tailored solutions to ensure your zero waste and recycling goals are met. Our strategy works such that we’re able to divert up to 90% of your events waste from the garbage bin.

Why make your event waste-free?

  1. Your event will be more attractive to sponsors and attendees.
  2. It will instill behaviour change in vendors and attendees.
  3. You will be increasing environmental awareness and conservation.
  4. As the event organizer or sponsor, you’’ll be loving the environment in action.
  5. The environment and its inhabitants need it.

Our EWM service package includes:

  1. Pre-event consultancy to determine ways to green your event.
  2. Training for your event’s sponsors and vendors to minimize waste.
  3. Waste management equipment and staff during the event, and waste removal from site.
  4. Use of MSI’s Zero Waste logo for your events promotion.
  5. Post-event consultancy, among others.

We will be delighted to transform your event