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Environmental Education and Training - Mazingira Safi Initiative

Green Warriors Holiday Camp

Our Green Warriors Holiday Camp targets children with the aim of creating awareness, imparting knowledge to enable them acquire skills and attitudes for environmental protection. Gone are the days when the environmental activists were old. Today’s environmental activist is young, fierce and determined. By working with children, we prepare and support them to become environmental warriors beginning now.

Held during the school holidays for kids in either the British and Kenyan curriculum systems, this camps provide an enabling environment for children to equip themselves with the know-how of environmental conservation. After all, we don’t inherit the environment, we borrow it from the future. Target age group is 6 to 12 years old. Duration is five days. Our next event is in November and December. Keep checking back here for more details or signup for notifications.

We are also open to give talks/lessons to schools, universities on litter and waste management and environmental education.

Resource Management Training

We also train businesses, organizations, etc. on how to manage their resources leading to them being productive, efficient and environmentally friendly. In the economic environment, the “reduce, reuse and recycle” philosophy is very popular. But there’s a reason why ‘reduce’ is the first option in the cycle. By reducing the amount of resources we use from the beginning, we conserve them.

To participate, call or write to us.