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Adopt A Bin® - Mazingira Safi Initiative

Are you looking for a fresh approach to grow your business and give back to the community, or an exciting way to make an impact in the environmental sector?

Well, your search ends here! We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for in our innovative programs called Adopt A Bin®.

What is Adopt A Bin®, and how does it work?

We’re glad you asked!

The lack of public street litter bins on our roads has contributed to littering. Adopt A Bin® aims to address this challenge.

Adopt A Bin is a fun, roadside litter eradication program that encourages business and community members to become environmental ambassadors by adopting street litter bins for installation on roads to reduce street littering. These litter bins which will be put up on a road of the Adopter’s choice. In return, they will brand litter bins they have adopted for up to one year, increasing their visibility. A minimum of ten (10) bins can be adopted. 

The litter bins are cleaned and maintained by Mazingira Safi Initiative (MSI) qualified crew members on behalf of the Adopters.

Why become an Adopter?

We’re glad you asked that too! There are plenty of reasons but here are five amazing ones!

  1. Litter is ugly, clean is beautiful. We all love beautiful and our environment needs it too!
  2. Brand Visibility & Awareness – Why not reach your customers on the road? Adopt A Bin® gives you exposure to your potential customers. It also creates and maintains your brand increasing your credibility.
  3. Immediate Impact – The impact of Adopt a Bin is immediate and consistent. Littering levels decrease. Associate this impact with your brand showing that you are a MazingiraSmarta® business – a business conscious of the environment.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility– Adopt A Bin® is an amazing CSR project showing you off as a business or brand that cares for the environment:
  5. Cause-marketing– Consumers want to know that your business or brand stands for a cause. Adopt A Bin® will promote your brand’s partnership with an environmental cause.

It’s very easy to be part of Adopt A Bin®. MSI will manage the process and paperwork required as well as putting up of the branding.

The Adopt A Bin® project is also open to community members like churches, NGO’s and volunteer groups.

There’s a disgrace that comes with a dirty environment. MSI wants to replace this disgrace with dignity. But we need your help!

Sounds like something you’d like to be a part of? How about becoming an Adopter? Talk to us. We’ve secured a good number of roads that require litter bins.

Don’t just be a brand. Be a brand with an impact!