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Community Supported Litter Management

We believe that recycling is not only good for the environment but it can also create numerous economic opportunities and we believe that economically empowered people live empowered lives. Our vision: Clean Environment Communal Responsibility. The area of change that I am going to focus on when I go back home is the development of a community based litter management system. This will be based in South B.

Education and Training

Our education campaigns target school children, women, and the youth. We educate them on the benefits and best practices of keeping the environment clean. We do this through various channels including community civic education events, during our cleanups exercises, through online campaigns, and school education program through environmental clubs.

Mazingira Safi Briquette

Charcoal briquettes are a form of green energy and an excellent alternative of charcoal which are smokeless, sparkless and burn longer. In November 2016, we started recycling waste charcoal dust, waste paper and waste saw dust to make charcoal briquettes. We went through a training and trial and error period developing a product prototype. We have tested in the market and the feedback has been good. The impact of this project has been the amount of money that the households have saved as a result of using briquettes as well



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