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The Environmental Kingdom Associates Committee, P.O Box All Around the World, Worldwide. 24th December, 2015 To Peoples of the Earth, All Around the World, Dear World Inhabitants, RE: CHRISTMAS AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION It is the merry making season again. I am sure you are all excited. That is, everyone except us, the environmental kingdom. This

By Purity Wanjohi 3 years ago
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Our beloved country will be celebrating 52 years of independence from British Colonialism on Saturday. I would never have known what the Mau Mau, and the other fighters went through had it not be for the history lessons and the story-telling tales I heard when I was growing up. Today, I want to thank them

By Purity Wanjohi 3 years ago
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Climate Change: 3 Reasons You Should Care

World leaders are meeting in Paris this week for the COP 21 meeting. There is a lot of optimism in the air for action. I think for a long time, there’s been more talk than action and it is quite a relief when you hear the biggest culprits like Obama and the Chinese premier finally

By Kevin Okech 3 years ago