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About Us


Litter has become an inherent fact of today’s living so much so that it is now part of our urban infrastructure. This is a problem that is growing steadily with a well-felt and well-seen negative impact on our quality of life, our dignity as a people and sustainable growth of our country, Kenya.

Our Story

Purity Wanjohi has called Kenya home since she was born. One day she was walking along a street in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Walking isn’t unusual for her to do but on this particular day, something incredible happened. Using her own words, this is how she describes it: “It was as if my eyes were opened. I could see litter everywhere.” Those pieces of litter caused a restlessness in her for days on end. People in such situations can do either of two things: complain endlessly about it or act. Purity decided to act. She also knew that she wouldn’t do much alone so she shared her vision with others. And that is how Mazingira Safi Initiative (MSI) was started.

There’s a disgrace that comes with a dirty environment. MSI wants to replace this disgrace with dignity.

Who we are

Mazingira Safi Initiative (MSI) is a social enterprise founded in 2013. Our main focus is on litter and waste management, and environmental education for conservation. All our activities revolve round three pillars -3C’s – Community, Culture, Capabilities.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to inspire communities to love their environment and actively take daily actions that lead to a clean, green, beautiful environment, and have fun while at it. 

We do this through environmental awareness and education, community participation and practical action.

Our Vision

Clean environment, communal responsibility.

Our Approach

At the heart of MSI is community. Our approach targets community education, community involvement and community empowerment. MSI seeks to educate and involve the community in practical litter management solutions for urban cleanliness, environmental conservation and putting food on the table.

Our Core Values

i. Excellence- We do what we do well, and do it with a great attitude.
ii. Fun- We endevour to enjoy what we do
iii. Community Engagement- because communities are assets in environmental management
iv. Innovation- Innovate or disappear!
v. Appreciate Yesterday, Enjoy Today, Inspire Tomorrow.

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