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Welcome to Mazingira Safi Intiative


Mazingira Safi Initiative (MSI) is an environmental community based organization whose aim is to inspire communities: to love their environment, to care for their environment, to own their environment, and to bin their waste properly.


  • We are committed to working locally to improve the social, economical and environmental well being of our community.


To create cleaner safer neighborhoods in which we live by working together with our neighbors to improve our local environmental quality.


1. Provide a forum for people within local communities to participate in activities that encourage them to be responsible for the environment

2. Engage in activities that create awareness about environmental pollution, degradation, and cleanliness

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Let’s be serious about recycling or forget about it

In the 1990s, as China grew to be one of the biggest manufacturers globally, it began importing plastic waste from…

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Let’s be serious about recycling or forget about it
Educating for Sustainable Development

Educating for Sustainable Development

Greta Thunberg. You’ve hopefully heard of Greta Thunberg. A 16-year old school girl who’s sending chills down Sweden’s and the…

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You can support us by contributing to our Briquette making initiative, volunteering in our events, or getting involved in our adopt a road program

Mazingira Wall

Views and quotes from some of our volunteers and renown environmental champs.
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